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AVE & YOU - Founder, Franziska Leonhardt


Our story begins with our founder Franziska - or rather her problem in finding the right skin care product for her, despite a seemingly endless selection of standardized skin care products. Because just like our personality, our skin cannot be reduced to an adjective. And what is normal? Over time, she realized that it wasn't just her experience, but that many of her friends shared it.

When Franziska met Dominik, a scientist and technology expert, he gave her an analytical perspective on her practical problem: skin care based on factual analysis rather than conjecture.

And because real beauty doesn't fit into any pigeonhole, with the help of Dominik's expertise and the collaboration of dermatologists, they developed a whole new generation of skin care: with products that focus on our uniqueness, special needs and individual beauty goals, can be personalized through advanced technology and contain only the purest, high-performance ingredients.

AVE & YOU is the brand for those who, like Franziska, have no desire to be pigeonholed and for whom "normal skin from 30" is not an adequate description. Because AVE & YOU offers cosmetics that understand and appreciate contradictory uniqueness, are as multifaceted as their users - and smart enough to make these facets shine individually.



We develop cosmetics for very individual beauty needs, demands and goals.


Starting from the combination of dermatological expertise and intelligent technology, we develop clean & vegan products that fulfill all desires in terms of effectiveness and natural origin.


Because our goal is to bring out the beauty of unruly uniqueness.


You think you know me. Because I'm a woman, a man, a mother, single, under 20, over 30. You think you know me because my skin is dark or light, loves the sun or is sensitive, is smooth or full of magical wrinkles that tell that I love to laugh and often. You think you know me. But you do not know me.

Personalities are not linear. They are contradictory and unruly, and that is what makes them endearing.

Skin is never just "normal". It breathes and feels, is our largest and most versatile organ - and the canvas of our incorruptible uniqueness. And just as diverse as we and our skin are, so are our care needs, demands and goals.