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Skin type vs. Skin condition

Skin type vs. Skin condition

The most important step in caring for your skin comes down to understanding your skin needs. Define your skin type, and how it adapts to different circumstances: seasonality, hormonal changes, lifestyle, and climate. Your skin type will stick with you forever, while your skin condition can change almost daily! Taking the time to learn your skin’s specific needs will help you to choose the right skincare options for you. 


There's one question we all need the answer to in order to look good, I mean real good: What is my skin type?!

If you're uncertain, just follow this guideline: Wash your face with a mild cleanser and gently pat dry. Do not use any cleansers that contain sodium chloride or sodium laureth sulfate (they will dry out your skin) - check the label. Leave skin bare (do not apply any moisturizers or serums). After 30 minutes, examine your cheeks, chin, nose, and forehead for any shine. After another 30 minutes, check whether your skin feels tight, especially if you smile or make any other facial expressions. If it does, your skin is likely to be dry. If there is noticeable shine on your nose and forehead, your skin is most likely normal/mixed. If there is shine on your cheeks in addition to your forehead and nose, you will fall into the oily category.