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Welcome to the Future

Welcome to the Future


At AVE & YOU, we don't only want to think ahead, we want to move forward: We want to provide you with a forward-looking skincare product that addresses your specific and individual skin problems and meets your personal taste at the same time. To achieve this, we work together with an internationally renowned team of scientists, dermatologists and experts in the fields of technology and simulation as well as cosmetic development and formulation. Together with them, we have developed a procedure for the skincare of tomorrow: Objective evaluation, algorithmic product development and your personal product preferences lead to the best skin cream available for you.

No human being on this earth has exactly the same DNA. The same goes for your skin. The first step is to analyze your very own skin. In doing so, we gather information from you about your skin type, its sensitivity, its tendency to irritation, moisture loss, firmness or elasticity. In addition, we gather information about you and your lifestyle: What is your gender? How old are you? What are your sleep patterns, stress levels, smoking or travel habits? Do you eat a healthy diet? Do you drink enough water? Combined with information about possible allergies or previous dermatological treatments, we can already get a very accurate picture of you and your skin after this step.

All information is obtained via an easy-to-understand questionnaire. Even if you are not a dermatologist, we will ask you the right questions to get dermatologically relevant answers. No preparation is necessary before answering our questionnaire.
Personalization is very important to us: In a second step, we let you decide about the individual composition of your skin cream, your skin characteristics and your everyday situation. You are free to choose: Which scent would you like to apply with her? What should your product be called?

How we work

At AVE & YOU we work with the purest active ingredients and ingredients and the latest technology. All our formulations are carefully conceptualized in Berlin and our creams are developed in our own laboratories in Germany. So you can be sure that your skin cream is absolutely free of animal suffering and all skin allergens. Our active ingredients are also suitable for particularly sensitive skin.
In a third step, you can finally try out your very own skin cream. After ordering it takes about a week for it to be produced especially for you and to find its way to you. You can order without any risk through our money-back guarantee within the first 30 days.

Based on your feedback, we adapt our algorithm in a fourth step and optimize our formulations continuously. Your skin changes according to lifestyle, season, temperatures and other external and internal factors such as hormonal changes. A skincare product of the highest quality reacts to these changes. We understand our product as a collaboration with you. That is why we ask you for direct feedback even after you have received our skin cream, which is directly incorporated into our development and manufacturing process. This means: skincare made to measure - updated and sent out every 30 days. Welcome to the future!