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The vegan lifestyle is all the rage - more and more people are opting for a purely plant-based lifestyle. We always think first of our diet, but our cosmetics, skincare and makeup can also be vegan. After all, many products contain animal ingredients. For example, traditionally made bar soaps often contain tallowates, which are animal fats. Also, red dyes in lipstick, nail polish, blush, etc. usually come from lice as well as a popular ingredient in lip balms is beeswax. 

Vegan skincare and cosmetics without animal testing have long ceased to be mere hype in the beauty industry. In fact, they never were. The only thing that is new is the attention that vegan and sustainable cosmetics have received in recent years.

There are several things that inspire us to switch to purely plant-based products. Whether it's the will for more responsibility with our resources, the protection of animal welfare, or simply the constantly annoying skin problem for which there is simply no solution - the motivations are diverse - just like us. 


Another good reason for vegan skincare is that there are some ingredients in conventional variants that probably very few people want to put on their skin. For example, "Hydrolyzed Collagen", which is made from slaughterhouse waste. Not in the mood for it? That's why we use vegan products! 

In any case, you're making an environmentally conscious choice with vegan products. Even if you still like to drink your cappuccino with cow's milk in the morning, it makes sense to take this step in your skincare routine. After all, we have to start somewhere.


Vegan equals natural cosmetics?

Vegan cosmetics refers to products that do not contain ingredients that are produced or even manufactured from animal substances. "Vegan" is not a protected term, however. Vegan cosmetics are often equated with natural cosmetics. However, a natural cosmetic product does not mean that it is a purely plant-based product, as this is also an unprotected term. A product can also be called natural cosmetics if it contains animal products such as milk/honey or the dye carmine. This leaves room for individual cosmetics manufacturers to interpret for themselves.


Vegan also equals animal-free?

There are always ambiguities and legal loopholes here, thanks to which large companies pull themselves out of responsibility and do not communicate clearly to their consumers.  A vegan label merely means that the ingredients are not of animal origin. However, that says little about the manufacturing process.

Since 2013, the marketing of skin care products that have been tested on animals has been banned in the European Union. However, it must be assumed that probably all cosmetic ingredients have been tested on animals at some point in their history. This has only stopped since the 2009 ban. This bans animal testing of raw materials used exclusively in cosmetics.

The catch is that most of the substances found in cosmetics are also used in the chemical industry. It even often prescribes animal testing! Therefore, if the newly developed raw materials are also used in paints, lacquers, cleaning agents, etc. in addition to cosmetics, animal testing with the newly developed raw materials is still required. Therefore, look carefully and check in detail the various seals with which the cosmetics are labeled. 


AVE & YOU + Vegan Skincare

AVE & YOU stands for effective, clean beauty products that are sustainably produced and vegan, free of animal testing and formulated without microplastics, mineral oils, silicones, parabens, PEGs. This is what CodeCheck has certified AVE & YOU as the first company in Europe. We now carry the Green Label 2020 certificate. 

Animal welfare is enormously important to us at AVE & YOU. This determines our entire product development, production and purchase of raw materials. 

  • We have clean ingredients: We use only pure, vegan formulas and the highest quality ingredients for your skincare. All of our ingredients are scientifically tested and rated skin friendly by reputable dermatologists. 
  • No animal testing: As required by law, we do not conduct or commission our own animal testing. We do not purchase raw materials from companies that conduct animal testing or have animal testing conducted. We do not export our products to countries that require animal testing for cosmetic products.
  • Sustainable practices: our 'Made-to-Order' concept has been sustainably developed to reduce waste and avoid overproduction. We carefully select our ingredients - keeping your needs and the environment in mind. 



  • Made in Germany: We produce our skincare in Germany, and are proud of our own laboratory based in Berlin! Here, our scientists work to develop the best skincare formulations for your skin.
  • Green Label 2020 Certificate: CodeCheck has certified AVE & YOU as the first company in Europe. CodeCheck only awards the Green Label to products that contain at least 90% safe and green ingredients. The platform rates these as harmless to health and the environment.

For this reason, all of our skincare products are vegan - and by conviction!



Why we think vegan cosmetics are so ingenious, you can find out now! 

  • Vegan skincare is good for the animals!
    • Carmine (red color from dead lice)
    • Lanolin (wax from the wool sweat of sheep)
    • Gelatin (bones & skin from cattle & pigs)
    • Brushes from animal hair 

    All substances that are extracted from animals for our cosmetics and often not under sustainable, fair and beautiful conditions. Don't feel like it - go vegan! 

  •  Plant-based cosmetics protect our planet
  •  In Germany, according to the Federal Environment Agency, around 62% of total methane emissions in Germany are caused by agricultural animal husbandry. Companies for whom vegan cosmetics are not just a marketing tactic, but a convincing attitude, are often also constantly striving to make their products and packaging more sustainable, plastic-free and environmentally friendly, and to pay attention to fair working conditions in order to make a contribution to the people, animals and plants of the world.

  •   Finally a solution for my skin problems!
  •  Today we know how many harmful hormones, pesticide residues and mineral oils can be found in cosmetics and how strongly these residues affect the body through the skin. Skin irritations, intolerances and even hormonal imbalance can occur. Vegan products are usually milder, more skin-friendly and healthier than their chemical alternatives. So even serious skin problems like rosacea or acne can be well managed with vegan skincare. 

  •  Vegan cosmetics can improve your well-being
  •  The animal world, our planet, your skin - we all benefit from sustainable, natural and vegan cosmetics. That's why vegan skincare makes people so happy. We are convinced: using products for which neither humans nor animals have to suffer bring a very special attitude towards life.




    Wherever it says vegan or natural cosmetics, it does not necessarily mean that the product is purely natural or even purely plant-based. Especially because veganism has become a trend, it is worth taking a close look and reading the fine print to avoid falling into the "greenwashing" trap. Vegan cosmetics are unfortunately not fundamentally environmentally friendly, free of animal suffering or particularly gentle on the skin. Because microplastics, mineral oils, silicones, parabens, PEGs are vegan, but do you want to let them on your skin - we think not! That's why it's worth taking a closer look at vegan cosmetics and manufacturers. 


    Let's go vegan!

    There are many good reasons to avoid animal products in your skincare. Thanks to modern processes, there are plenty of opportunities today to produce cruelty-free active ingredients. Other ingredients can be replaced with plant oils or extracts. 

    So you don't have to do without anything. And there's a clear conscience to boot!