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Skin stories #2: Patric

Skin stories #2: Patric

Patric, m
usic producer.

Hi Patric, tell us a bit about yourself and what you do in life? 

I’m a Czech-born guy hitting his 50s. I moved to Berlin when I was 3, so I am a Berliner at heart. I like to say I’m an alternative psychologist. Isn't it what you become when you spend most of your days working with artists?! As a teenager, I hung out around Hansa Studio, where David Bowie, Depeche Mode, and Iggy Pop were recording. I fell in love with music, rhythm, and anything that filled my heart with Rock’n Roll. Naturally, at the age of 15, I declared that I wanted to be a music producer. 34 years later, I have my own record label „Freudenhaus”!

With such a vibrant life, you must often be drained after long days at work. What’s your secret for staying sane?

I get it - it can feel like a chore. The older I get, the more I crave a calming environment. My family and I decided to move to a very green area between Berlin and Potsdam. I had my wild times, experienced all that Berlin has to offer. Now I’m leaving the wild side to my young artists.

Do you have any healthy habits that boost your energy levels? 

I need to keep up with my 1-year old for at least the next 30 years, so I’m super aware of my well-being and diet. My mornings start with a healthy breakfast and green juice - my energy booster -, followed by lunch at work and an occasional night out dinner here and there. Generally, I try to follow a balanced diet, but of course have some junk food from time to time :)

Tell us about your beauty routine in the morning. 

Ever since the arrival of our daughter, my days start early. I love to give my wife some time in the morning to catch up on her beauty sleep, so I prepare breakfast for the whole family, including our little furry gang. If all goes well, I have a bit of spare time for a quick shower, to rub my AVE & YOU moisturizer in, and sometimes even to drink a cup of tea on my own! I now understand how good your face can feel, even with minimal effort. I’m usually looking to minimize the things I do between getting up and getting out of the door, so moisturizing my skin with my personalized AVE & YOU cream became a little treat for myself. I love the simplicity of the products, and how easily you can adjust them to your changing skin needs across the year.

How does your personal skin journey look like over all these years?

After spending over 20 years inside the studio’s dark walls - with little to no light and limited fresh air - my skin's defense mechanism slowly decreased. My skin became extremely sensitive to temperature changes, sun exposure, and other environmental factors. Long nights and poor hydration didn't help either. I finally had to acknowledge that men's skin can also lose moisture, suffer from tightness and become dull. Thankfully, at that time, I met my wife. She worked in beauty for over 25 years and wasted no time giving me a helping hand with creating a proper skincare regime. She was the one introducing me to my first moisturizer, serum, and cleanser. Before that, soap was the only thing I used. 

Do you have any hero ingredients that you love more than others?

I shy away from checking labels intensely (why are there so many ingredients in everything?), but I pay attention to the cream’s texture. I can’t stand sticky or heavy creams on my face. With time and experience, I started opting for perfume free options. I feel in charge of my body now, as I'm taking care of my skin. I think it's crucial to be mindful of how your body feels, beyond the standard good or bad. 

Who is your skin idol? 

Not sure I have one. I don’t look at other people’s skin with envy or inspiration, but I’m always curious to hear what products they use! That’s how I found out about AVE & YOU, and the topic of personalized skincare itself. I was amazed by how forward-thinking the concept is, and how much more you can get out of your cream when it’s match made for you. I no longer have to second guess my skincare, and my skin clearly loves it!