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Men skin care for every skin type | AVE & YOU

Men skin care - the right skin care routine for your skin type

Men's skin also wants to be cared for! We explain why men's skin is different and which facial care is right for your skin type.

While women like to invest a lot of time and effort in their beauty routine, facial care for men is often treated stepmotherly. But it doesn't take much for healthy, clear skin! Whether you have oily, dry or blemished skin, here are some tips on the right facial care for men.

Why the skin of the man needs a different care

The structure of the skin of men and their needs differ from those of women. This is mainly due to the hormone testosterone. Due to the higher testosterone level, men have a 15-20% thicker skin and more and larger sebaceous glands. These produce about 30% more sebum (sebum), which provides the skin with more moisture and keeps it more supple than that of women. In addition, men's skin is more robust and less susceptible to germs and negative environmental influences.

At the same time, however, the higher oil content often makes the face appear shiny and greasy, and it increases the risk of skin impurities. In addition, it is - according to current studies - the cause of a lower pH value of the skin. Thus, the pH value of men is below 5, while women's skin has a pH value above 5.
Another difference lies in the skin structure. Male skin has more and better interconnected collagen fibers - which are responsible for elasticity and tone. For this reason, the signs of skin aging, such as wrinkles, become visible later in men - but then more pronounced.

When it comes to skin care, it is important to take these skin differences into account in your daily care routine and only use products that are adapted to these needs.

Face cleansing for man

In most cases, men do not wear makeup, but sweat, dust and other impurities collect on the skin. They clog the pores, promote impurities and are breeding grounds for germs and bacteria.

Therefore, the following applies: wash your face with a suitable cleansing product in the morning and in the evening!
However, hand soap or shower gel are unsuitable for men's facial care. They dry out the skin and can irritate it.

Whether you have dry, normal or sensitive skin, you're on the safe side with a mild cleanser without alcohol - like our Gentle Cleanser. It reliably removes dirt and maintains the skin's natural moisture content.

For blemished or oily skin, we recommend a deep cleansing gel with antibacterial properties. Our Charcoal Cleanser is based on activated charcoal, which counteracts pimples and inflammation and ensures a balanced skin appearance. It is also advisable to use a facial scrub about once a week to rid your skin of dead skin cells.   

The final step of every facial cleansing is a facial or gentle micellar water. It removes the last traces of dirt, rehydrates the skin and balances the pH value.

Tips for wet shaving

Shaving is one of the most common reasons for irritated skin and other skin problems in men. That's why they often avoid men with sensitive skin and prefer to wear beard. With the following procedure you will achieve a close shave without skin irritation:

  1. Thoroughly clean the face with a wash lotion and warm water before shaving. This softens the whiskers and prevents clogging of the blade.'

  2. Use a shaving gel or other pre-shave product without alcohol - it is less irritating. Massage it thoroughly into the skin before shaving. This stimulates blood circulation and prepares the skin for shaving.

  3. Use a high quality, sharp blade and keep your skin toned while shaving. Rinse the blade regularly with warm water while shaving.

  4. The more sensitive the skin, the less you should shave against the grain. It's best to start with the cheeks and then shave the neck. Since the beard hairs on the chin and upper lip are the hardest, these areas should be shaved last.

  5. Clean your face afterwards with clear, warm water and use an alcohol-free after-shave.

Facial care for man

After thorough cleansing, men should also care for their skin with a cream. But please do not reach into your partner's jar. Products for women usually contain too many fats and are unsuitable for men's facial care.

Care for combination and oily skin

For combination and oily skin types, a light and mattifying moisturizer is ideal in the morning. It reduces shiny areas, makes the skin look fresh and regulates sebum production. In the evening, you can also apply a light care.

If your skin is prone to blemishes, you should use a non-greasy moisturizer with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredients in the morning and evening after cleansing.

When it comes to pimples and inflammation, a skin-refining serum can also help. Our serum "Bye Blemishes" contains the highly concentrated active ingredient niacinamide in combination with silver willow bark. It unclogs pores, soothes the skin and prevents pimple marks.

Care for dry and sensitive skin

If your facial skin is dry and tense, apply a moisturizing day cream in the morning. However, make sure that the cream does not contain too much fat: Otherwise, your face could shine unpleasantly. In the evening, use a rich night cream. It hydrates your skin and provides it with regenerating active ingredients.
If your facial skin is sensitive and tends to redden quickly, a day and night cream with soothing ingredients that strengthens the skin's acid mantle is ideal.

Extra: Tips for beard care

Properly caring for beards is by no means less effort than shaving regularly. With these tips you keep your beard supple and the skin underneath healthy:

  • Wash your beard daily to remove sweat, dirt and dead skin cells. Use a special beard shampoo about three times a week, because soap or shower gel makes the beard hair brittle. Clear water is sufficient on the remaining days.
  • Then massage a few drops of beard oil into the still slightly damp beard. It ensures a soft beard hair and nourishes the skin at the same time.

  • Finally, comb the beard well. This will bring it into shape, while the small massage promotes blood circulation in the skin.