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AVE & YOU - New Year, New Me, New Skin Habits

New Year, New Me, New Skin Habits - Tips for healthy skin

We all have them, even if we don't like to admit it, because after all, you don't need a day, a date or any special circumstances to break your bad habits and become a little bit better version of yourself. We're talking - as you might have guessed - about those wonderful New Year's resolutions that most of us diligently make every year, hoping they'll last a little longer than the end of February this year.

Accordingly, do not put yourself under pressure. Sure, the will to be more motivated at work, to really use the gym subscription sometimes, to skip the 3rd pizza a week maybe sometimes, are all praiseworthy and certainly not wrong, but let it go slowly. Because who screws his resolutions too high, has usually already lost the desire, before it even starts. And we are only once in this world, so allow yourself a little time out now and then, a piece of chocolate or even a whole day on the couch. Everyone in his rhythm and in balance, that's the most important thing - don't forget yourself! AVE & YOU - Clipboard

One or the other has certainly also resolved to finally buy decent skin care in 2023 and to follow through with this regularly or to use sunscreen every day. Of course, we think such resolutions are great and are looking forward to working with you on your healthy, beautiful skin in 2023!

Therefore, in the following a few starter tips from us for a glowy & dewy, but above all healthy and beautiful skin!


Tip No. 1: The right cleaning

The be-all and end-all is proper cleansing and care. Makeup, sweat and excess sebum must be removed daily so that the pores are not clogged and bacteria proliferation and thus pimples have no chance.

For this purpose, however, not only a "cat wash" with water is sufficient, but a gentle cleansing foam should also be used, as it contains fat-dissolving substances, such as our “FOAMY & FAMOUS”. It frees your skin from dirt, dust, grease and environmental particles and provides it with sugar-based moisturizing complexes deep into the pores.

After cleansing, it is recommended to use a toner, as this will help restore the ph level and remove any last residues. For example, you can use our “THE PERFECTIONIST - ROSE”. Aloe vera, Aquaxyl and rose water gently cleanse down to the pores, reduce sebum production, moisturize and balance the pH.

Tip 2: Healthy diet for beauty from within

To do something good for your skin, your diet should be right. Plenty of fruits and vegetables and a generally balanced diet are the key to beautiful skin, as they provide the body with many trace minerals, important vitamins and antioxidants. In this regard, nutrition is even more important than external care, as it has an even greater impact on our body. Someone who only lives on chocolate and pizza can still cream as much as they want, unfortunately, it won't help much.

Of great importance is vitamin C, because it tightens the connective tissue and is also essential for our immune system. Among other things, citrus fruits and rose hips contain a lot of this vitamin. Vitamin E is responsible for delaying skin aging and can be found in nuts, for example. Did you know: a handful of almonds already covers our daily requirement of vitamin E in this regard. Vitamin A is also enormously important and prevents dry and flaky skin, it is found in green vegetables such as spinach, kale, green beans, broccoli and lamb's lettuce. AVE & YOU - Tip No. 2 - Healthy nutrition for beauty from within.jpg

Tip 3: Stay hydrated - drink your water!

AVE & YOU - Tip No. 3 - Stay hydrated - drink your water! Stay hydrated, baby! Water is particularly essential when it comes to the topic of healthy skin. If you want to do something good for your skin and yourself, you should drink plenty of water 3-4 liters a day are optimal. Water ensures that metabolic processes function optimally. This means that more nutrients can be transported into the cells. The result: more energy, improved performance and fresh and healthy skin.

Tip 4: Get enough sleep

We all know it - one night less sleep and already the rings under the eyes hang down to the floor, the skin is pale and lifeless and our mood is in the cellar. For this reason, sufficient and restful sleep is of particular importance for a fresh complexion and our mood. This is due to the fact that especially in the deep sleep phase a lot of growth hormones are released, which cause the regeneration of the skin cells. On average, 7 to 8 hours is the optimal length of sleep so that the skin can regenerate. Small SOS helper: a good eye cream with caffeine and Ectoin against dark circles and for a freshness kick such as WOKE UP LIKE THIS.

Tip 5: Facial massage

Even the ancient Egyptians swore by this simple but effective beauty remedy: massage. On the one hand a massage calms and counteracts stress, on the other hand the skin is well supplied with blood and looks healthier and plumper. Either you do it directly with your fingers or you make use of so-called Gua Sha stones. These stimulate lymphatic activity so that oxygen and nutrients can circulate better. On Youtube you can find numerous tutorials on how to use them or even do facial yoga with them. Take as support an oil serum for example YOUTH BOOST ... AVE & YOU - Tip No. 5 - Face massage

Tip 6: Peeling

Exfoliation ensures that dead and old skin cells are gently removed and the skin is well supplied with blood again. Thus, it provides a rosy, healthy complexion and a smoother and more even skin appearance. However, you should avoid mechanical peels and rather resort to the chemical helpers, as they are much less invasive when used in accordance with their purpose. There are numerous BHA or AHA peelings of different brands, which do their job very well. And very important - always look at the package insert, in which time intervals these may be used! Too many and too fast peels in a row can damage the skin barrier and irritate your skin.

Tip 7: Avoid alcohol and nicotine

I don't think we need to tell you that the consumption of alcohol and nicotine is not particularly healthy for you and your skin. The consumption of alcohol leads to the fact that the body and thus also the skin is dehydrated and cells, which are responsible for detoxification, are destroyed. The result is pale, unhealthy-looking skin or an unusually large number of pimples. Alcoholic drinks with a high sugar content, such as cocktails, are particularly harmful. Nicotine also leads to vasoconstriction and thus not only puts a strain on the heart and circulation, but also prevents adequate blood flow to the skin. So keep your hands off - or if you do, then only in moderation!

Tip 8: Use sunscreen

 AVE & YOU - Tip No. 8 - Use sunscreen Too much sun can damage our skin, causing rapid aging, pigmentation spots and in the worst case skin cancer. Therefore, it is important to use a high UV protection in addition to make-up and creams - even in winter!!! Because the harmful UV rays are there at any time of the year. So cream, cream, cream!

Tip 9: Oxygen revitalizes the complexion

Fresh air is good for you - and not only for beautiful and healthy skin. Oxygen is not only absorbed by the lungs, but also by the skin, the cells can renew themselves and this brings a fresh complexion. So even in winter - get out your hats and scarves, bundle up and get out into the fresh air for a long walk.

We hope that we can offer you a little guide with these tips. Otherwise, we wish you continued success with your resolutions, lots of stamina and of course lots of fun along the way! And don't forget to give yourself a break - it's all about the balance! Your AVE&YOU Team <3

AVE & YOU - Don't forget to give yourself a break