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That protects you against blue light | AVE + EDAM

Digital Aging: How to protect your skin from blue light

Does the artificial light from smartphones, tablets, etc. make our skin age faster? Find out how harmful blue light is for your skin and what you can do about it.
We are now aware that sunlight, a sugar-intensive diet or stress can accelerate the aging process of our skin.

Find out why wrinkles appear and how you can slow down the aging process in our article: Anti-Aging - With these active ingredients you visibly reduce wrinkles

What is less well known is that the artificial blue light of our digital everyday companions also promotes wrinkles and other signs of skin aging.
Here you can find out how to protect your skin from blue light.

Blue light: What is it?

When we talk about blue light (the so-called High Energy Visible, or HEV light for short), we primarily think of the artificial light of displays and LED lights. However, like the well-known UVA and UVB rays, blue light is also part of normal daylight.

HEV light has a wavelength of 380 to 500 nanometers and has a high energy charge. It influences your hormone balance, especially the hormone melatonin, which regulates your sleep rhythm. In addition, the short-wave light penetrates particularly deep into the skin and can thus cause changes in the cells.

Does blue light accelerate skin aging?

HEV light is oxidative stress for the skin and promotes the release of free radicals. These are aggressive oxygen compounds that can damage your skin cells, causing wrinkles and pigmentation disorders. They also inhibit the formation of collagen and elastin - proteins that are largely responsible for the skin's elasticity and resilience.

According to initial findings, blue light also weakens the skin's protective acid mantle. This barrier protects the skin from moisture loss and the penetration of harmful microorganisms. A disrupted skin barrier increases the sensitivity to irritation.

Protection against blue light in everyday life

As a component of daylight, HEV light is to a certain extent unproblematic for your skin. In our modern, digital world, however, you are exposed to blue light much more often and for longer periods of time. The reason for this is the frequent use of computers and smartphones as well as the radiation from the LED lamps used in many places.

Protection from HEV light in cosmetics

Special active ingredients in creams and other beauty products offer additional protection against HEV light and its effects on the skin. At AVE & YOU, we rely on these clean and vegan ingredients in our cosmetics


The active ingredient Blumilight is extracted from the rare cocoa tree Criollo Porcelana, which is native to Central America. The highly effective extract has an antioxidant and antimicrobial effect. In particular, it prevents light damage and relieves the symptoms of irritated skin.

Blumilight also stimulates collagen and elastin production through the peptides it contains. The skin becomes more elastic and can store more moisture. This provides elasticity and reduces wrinkles.


Ectoin is a natural amino acid derivative that protects the skin from damaging environmental influences such as fine dust particles and blue light.

Thanks to cell-stabilizing properties, the active ingredient strengthens the skin's natural protective barrier. It reduces the cells' stress reaction to blue light, alleviates light-induced pigmentation and protects against premature skin aging caused by environmental stress.

Ectoin also has anti-inflammatory properties. It has a calming effect on environmentally irritated skin and accelerates its regeneration.


Our body follows an inner clock, which controls our waking and sleeping phases, among other things. Skin cells also have a rhythm that all biological processes follow.

Stress, lack of sleep or even a permanently high irradiation with HEV light can disturb this rhythm. The result is a higher sensitivity and a faster fatigue of the skin.

B-Ciracadin is extracted from a bush clover species, the Lespedeza Capitata. The herbal active ingredient helps the skin cells to restore their natural rhythm. It reduces swelling and leaves the skin looking fresh and radiant again.  

Further options for protection against HEV light

In addition to protective care, you can reduce the amount of blue light to which your skin is exposed.

Switch your devices to night mode whenever possible or use a special "Night Screen" app. However, this should not be at the expense of readability. If the eye is strained by the reduced brightness, this can have negative consequences.

Alternatively, special protective foils with a blue light filter can reduce the HEV light radiation.

Blue light protection at AVE & YOU

At AVE & YOU, we have developed a process to create individualized and personalized skin creams: for every skin type, age and lifestyle.
In a first step, we use a questionnaire to determine dermatological information, individual influencing factors and your personal skin goals. The individual HEV light risk is also taken into account.

We then generate the ideal content formula for your personal day and night cream.

Take the skin test now and find out which ingredients are ideal for you! As extra protection against blue light and other environmental pollution we have developed our serum "Urban Defense".

The intensive care contains above all the highly effective active ingredient Ectoin. It forms a protective shield on your skin against the effects of blue light and against environmental influences such as fine dust or cigarette smoke. In addition, it strengthens the skin's acid mantle and supports regeneration.  

The light serum is quickly absorbed into the skin and is the perfect complement to our day cream. It is best applied after cleansing the face and before the skin care cream. This allows the serum to penetrate deep into the skin and provide effective protection against environmental stress.