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الرجاء إدخال عنوان البريد الإلكتروني الذي أستخدمته لطلب الشراء الأخير. سنرسل لك بعد ذلك رابط شخصي يمكنك إستخدامه لإعادة ترتيب منتجات العناية بالبشرة مباشرة.
Skin test result
الرجاء إدخال عنوان البريد الإلكتروني الذي أستخدمته لاختبارالبشرة. سنرسل لك بعد ذلك رابط شخصي يمكنك إستخدامه لرؤية كريم النهار والليل الشخصي مباشرة.
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خذ 5 دقائق لإجراء اختبار بشرة الوجه!
سننشئ مستحضرات العناية بالبشرة حسب الطلب باستخدام مكونات مثبتة علميًا ، بناءً على ملف بشرتك وأهداف بشرتك.

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3 steps to your tailor-made care products

Our 5-minute skin test, powered by our algorithms, not only analyzes your skin, but also considers your environment  to create your unique skin profile.

بناءً على ملفك الشخصي وأهداف بشرتك ، نقوم بإنشاء أفضل عناية لبشرتك باستخدام مكونات مثبتة علميًا.

مباشرة بعد إنشاء منتجاتك الشخصية ، نرسلها إليك - حتى تتمكن من جعلها جزءًا من روتينك اليومي وتشعر بالفخامة!

First of all, very fast delivery, nice. Furthermore, very good and nice customer service, advice and quick response to any questions, really great. Have today received my creams and of course immediately tested. Have used today serum and then the night cream. I am thrilled how well the products feel on the skin, super. How my skin will develop now I report later, I do not know today but I am very positive and think that these products are just right for me!
Michele Schwarz – Berlin
The quiz was super informative, was able to learn a bit more about myself. The suggested products fit my needs very well. Order and delivery went wonderfully smoothly. The application is very easy and I am absolutely thrilled, my skin feels very well cared for! Price of course not cheap, but in my opinion definitely worth the money after I have already tested many drugstore products.
Markus Schmidt
The products are great!!! The serums I can really recommend. Have recently switched and my skin has become really good and the cream feels great on the skin. Order them again in any case. The delivery is very fast, within two to three days the package was there.
Natalie Klein
I have never been so happy with my skin care products! The absolute madness! I would not have thought that my skin can still change so much for the better, feel very comfortable in my skin now! I had always struggled with dry skin, but since I use the day and night cream I feel nothing of it.
Sabine Fischer