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الرجاء إدخال عنوان البريد الإلكتروني الذي أستخدمته لطلب الشراء الأخير. سنرسل لك بعد ذلك رابط شخصي يمكنك إستخدامه لإعادة ترتيب منتجات العناية بالبشرة مباشرة.
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الرجاء إدخال عنوان البريد الإلكتروني الذي أستخدمته لاختبارالبشرة. سنرسل لك بعد ذلك رابط شخصي يمكنك إستخدامه لرؤية كريم النهار والليل الشخصي مباشرة.
A Secret from the Olive Tree: Say Hi to Squalane

A Secret from the Olive Tree: Say Hi to Squalane

One of your hero ingredients could be squalane. Hardly any other natural ingredient combines as many positive properties as squalane. It provides better skin moisture, promotes the elasticity of the skin and strengthens its regenerative ability. Squalane, originally extracted from shark liver and now extracted from pressed olive oil or sustainably cultivated sugar cane, is therefore not without reason one of our hero ingredients.

Squalane's structure

The clear and odourless liquid, which is an essential component of our skin's own hydro-lipid film, belongs to the group of natural antioxidants. In other words: it preserves the skin's moisture and reduces water loss. Dry skin becomes less dry, but oily skin does not become more oily. Squalane balances the moisture content of the skin's own lipids and not only because of this, it creates a particularly soft and silky skin feeling.

Squalane, also known as phytosqualane, which underlines its vegetable origin, is also characterized by its special spreadability. It can be easily spread on the skin and is absolutely non-irritating. Due to these properties, squalane can be used as a day care product and as an ideal basis for cosmetics.

At AVE + EDAM, squalane is used as a natural ingredient in our products. The active liquid is especially suitable for persons with rather sensitive and dry skin. We extract squalane from the residues of pressed olive oil. Whether this secret ingredient of the olive tree is also part of your ideal skin cream? Let's find out!


Every skin is different. Every skin is unique. Every skin has its own story, and every skin is defined by its own needs. At AVE + EDAM  we want to do justice to each and every skin. That's why we have developed a process to create individualized and personalized creams for each skins's specificities.  

Our creams are formulated to meet your skin type and your individual medical and cosmetic challenges. We generate your very own personal Skin ID by means of a questionnaire with which we gather dermatological information and get an impression of your lifestyle and other individual factors influencing your skin. The secret of your formulation and your ideal ingredients is kept in your unique Skin ID.